Bienvenue à l'Hâvre des Fougères,
votre cabine dans les bois!
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Welcome to Fernhaven,
your country style guest cottage!
Vincent, the billy goat
    Fernhaven Guest Cottage is located on five
    peaceful acres, an easy 20 minutes drive west of
    Port Angeles, off the Strait of Juan de Fuca
    Scenic Byway 112.
    The cozy one room cottage accommodates one
    or two persons and a little cabin a few feet away
    with bunk beds can sleep two more for parties
    up to four.
    This pleasant country "mini-farm" setting is a
    haven, offering a welcomed respite from the
    hustle and bustle of urban life. Enjoy your
    vacation in this beautiful area, the woods and the
    rivers are nearby, go for a hike on the Olympic
    Discovery Trail
    A seven minutes drive takes you to Salt Creek and
    Crescent beaches. The area is a popular
    for surfers and kayakers.  For rentals and tours,
    also rafting and mountain biking, check out:

cottage porch
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We are sorry to say that
Fernhaven Cottage is no longer
available but you may also
enjoy our vacation rental home
in Port Angeles.  See our
website at


We thank all our past guests
for wonderful memories.